Meta Title tags–Best practices in SEO 2020

July 26, 2020

Meta Title tags–Best practices in SEO 2020

What is a Meta Title in SEO?

A title tag is an HTML tag that tells the title of the web page. It serves as a label for both user and search engine. So that both users and search could understand that what page is all about. The title tag has very much importance in social sharing and On-Page SEO. It gives a precise and accurate description of the web page. See below how it appears on Google SERP, social media platform and on the website bar

Meta title

Also, it appears on the top of the web browser shown below:

Meta title

Apart from these titles also appear in other places like social media to display your page’s information.  When we share the link of the web page on social media wall (like twitter, Facebook, etc) it automatically displays the title of that page.

How to write the title of the Web page?

Its HTML code, format and optimal length is discussed below


One opening tag, one closing tag, and title of the webpage come in between the tags, shown below: 

<Title>Here comes the title of the webpage</title>

Why Title tag is Important in an On-page SEO?

Many factors make Title an important factor from a general point of view and an SEO point of view. First and the main point is that it tells the user and Search engine about the web page in a short and precise manner. It contains the focused keywords through which your webpage can appear on SERP. A good title tag can help your website to rank high on the SERP. Also helps the user to understand the web page in a better way.

Important Tips to remember while writing a title tag

  1. Length: It should be 50-60 characters long including space,  as Google usually shows the first 50-60 characters of the title. Or the title should be 600 pixels because currently Google usually shows a title maximum at 600 pixels. Title longer than the recommended length will be cropped by the search engine, end up skipping important words.
  2. Keyword placement: Focused keyword or similar to the keyword should be placed inside the title tag. Place an important or primary keyword at the beginning inside the tag. It is seen that keywords placed at the beginning inside the title tag have a greater impact on the ranking.
  3. Avoid Keyword stuffing: Do not do keyword stuffing or loading titles with keywords. For example Buy shoes, Best shoes, Cheap shoes, shoes for sale. Keyword stuffing means Placing keywords in the wrong manner to manipulate keyword ranking on SERP.
  4. Attractive for users: Your main goal should be to attract maximum relevant visitors and maximum clicks. So if the title is written in a proper, specified manner, and if the user finds it valuable for him he will click on it.
  5. Include numbers in your title:  Itis a very good SEO technique to make the title appealing. Including numbers like adding dates, or any other number to the title makes it attractive. For example 10 best SEO techniques to drive organic traffic, Advanced SEO techniques for 2020, 12 simple SEO techniques for 2020, etc. If the user sees 2020 in the title, he believes that it is the latest information he is searching for. Or Phrases like “10 best techniques” make the user believe that these are some important tips. So numbers have much psychological impact on the user. These types of phrases in the title attract users to click the web page’s link.
  6. Call to action: Including a call to action keyphrases in the title increases the chances of conversion. A call to action means inviting people to take some action. For example key phrases like “buy cake online”. So there are high chances that users will take some action after watching these Actionable Words like access, learn, search, find download, etc.
  7. Top referring key phrases: If you notice in the analyticsapart from focused keywords, there are also some other related keywords from where your website is getting traffic. These keywords are also of much significance. To increase traffic on your website, you need to work on those keywords also.
  8. Keywords in the form of questions: Writing title in the form of a question can also increase traffic on your website. As people usually type a query in the form of a question. Suppose the user searches any query in the form of a question. In this case, there are many chances that the user will read that content whose title contains that question. Also, search engines will display that content first whose content matches the query typed by the user.
  9. Every web page should have a unique title:  Unique title help search engine to comprehend that your title is valuable and unique. Also, it helps to improve the CTR(click-through rate) of the web page.

So titles are the most important part of the website and have much significance in SEO. And these are some important tips that can help you create an appealing title for viewers and search engines.         

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