Affiliate Marketing: A step by Step guide

Affiliate Marketing: A step by Step guide

Affiliate marketing could be the best source of income for you without any investment any money. Just little effort, and a good strategy can make you earn in millions or even in billions. Being an affiliate marketer you do not need to invest any money or don’t need to maintain any inventory of items, just relax at your place no matter where ever you are. The thing you need to do is, you should be a little creative to convince someone to buy or sign up for a service or a product you are referring to him.

Thus anyone can become an affiliate marketer, it does not require any degree or diploma, it is a skill-based approach that can be learned by a person from any background.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of referring people to a product or service of any company that is not your own, when the viewer purchase or sign up on your referral, you will get a commission for it. Here is the mechanism of affiliate marketing:

  1. You register for an affiliate program.
  2. You choose a category of product or service to promote; here you will get a unique link (an affiliate link).
  3. Share this link on the social media platform, affiliate networks to increase its reach and in a way, that maximum number of audiences will purchase through that affiliate link.
  4. This link will be used by your audience to purchase a product promoted by you, on the successful purchase of the product, you will get a commission for it.

How to promote an affiliate link?

There are several ways to promote an affiliate link, generating leads, and finally converting those leads into the final purchase. Some commonly used techniques are sharing the post, videos, images, and infographics on social media platforms, creating blogs and articles, etc. 

Different article types for the promotion of your affiliate link

If your article writing skill is good, then it is a plus point to your affiliate marketing journey, you promote affiliate link by writing articles in the following ways:

1- By writing “How To” articles or blogs

“How to “articles/blogs are those articles/blogs where you share your complete experience in front of your audience.  For example, you wrote a blog on “How to create a blog?”, there you will share all information on developing a blog, from starting to an end. Here you will discuss also how you purchased a domain or hosting, and in explaining the complete process, you can leave your affiliate link somewhere in the article.

2- Comparison articles

In this type of article, you compare two products, and in the end you have to prove one product better than the other, here you provide an affiliate link of the product which is better, peoples reading your content will go for the better product. This could also be the best way of getting conversions.

3- Review article

Review articles are those articles where you write the complete review of the product or service, it could the best option for your affiliate income. Generally, those people read the review of the product, who wants to buy that product.

4- Purchasing Guide

Here you help the audience how to purchase a product; this could be a lengthy article where you need to gather all information related to that product. It is very effective, because only those people will search for purchasing guides who are looking to purchase that product, and there are good chances that he will click on an affiliate link and purchase that product. For example, you going to purchase an android phone, before purchasing that you will search for it on the internet that what is its requirement, purchasing from which store is beneficial, and other details related to it. Here in this type of article, you can place your affiliate link, which will help you in getting sales.

5- Alternative article

In this type of article, you need to write an article on some alternative brands, like someone is using a product of brand ‘A’, and you write an article on alternatives of the brand ‘A’, their features, services advantages over brand ‘A’, also providing affiliate links of alternate brands. When someone purchases the product by clicking on an affiliate link you will get a commission for it. This could also be a very effective technique of affiliate marketing

So there were some of the effective techniques for promoting an affiliate link ultimately increasing your affiliate sales.