What is Google Analytics account how to set up?

September 18, 2020

What is Google Analytics account how to set up?

Merely posting content on different social media platforms or at other places is not digital marketing, but simply a data entry process. In the process of digital marketing you promote your content over the network. And at the same time you need to track the progress and performance of traffic on your website i.e.

1- Number of visitors visiting your website
2- Their age, sex, place etc.
3- Which pages of your website are they visiting
4- how much time they are spending on the website
5- Are they end up purchasing product/service from your website or not? Etc.

Tracking traffic progress and performance on the website can be done with the help of Google analytics tool. Whether for a digital marketer, SEO specialist or an entrepreneur this tool can be very helpful in tracking performance of online business. And further online promotion strategy can be build by using its analysis report.

Here we will discuss about the Google analytics tool.

Google Analytics is tool that provides in-depth performance and progress analysis report of your website or app.

You can integrate this tool on your website by adding its code to the website or for wordpress website you can integrate via site kit plug-in.  

Steps to integrate Google analytics to your website

Step 1-

Visit:  https://analytics.google.com/ and login with Gmail credentials

google analytics

Step 2: After logging to the analytics accounts click on the button “start measuring” button to proceed.

google analytics 2

Step 3: After moving to the next step fill the’ Account name’ and click on the “next” button left of the page

google analytics 3

Step 4: After moving to the next page select from radio button “what do you want to measure” than click “next” button on bottom left of the page.

google analytics 4

                Step 5: Than fill website name and website url and click create

google analytics 5

Step 6: Agree to the terms and services of Google analytics

google analytics 6

Step 7: Your Google analytics account is ready after adding analytics tracking code(in the head section) of the web page you want to track.

google analytics 7

So by following these simple steps you can easily set up Google analytics account and integrate it to your website. For WordPress install site kit plug and you can easily integrate analytics on your website by using this plugin.

How to set up google analytics account? A step by Step guide

Here is the step by step tutorial on how to set up google analytics account.  Learn to set up analytics account in simple language with screenshot of each step

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