Top 7 Free Facebook Promotion ideas to promote your business

August 10, 2020

Top 7 Free Facebook Promotion ideas to promote your business

Facebook is now the biggest social media network where you can get a lot of traffic for your website. Almost every age group of people use Facebook, and people of every interest use it.  This makes it the biggest market place, where people of different interests can sell their items, products, services, content, etc. Facebook provides a user-friendly selling interface to its users. Through its paid campaigns and ads you can easily boost your reach to millions in a day (depending on your budget). But not only paid techniques, but you can also increase your reach by following some free Facebook promotion ideas as discussed below.

Free facebook promotion

1- Creating a business Page for Facebook Promotion:

By creating a business page helps you to build your brand. Creating a business page could be a powerful tool to create a relationship between businesses and their viewers. If you interact with your users individually, this makes them feel that they have encountered a brand in a meaningful way.  And makes them feel they have a special connection with your organization. Responding to the visitors quickly and properly makes them feel good and have a good connection with your brand. This could be the most effective, free facebook promotion technique.

2- Joining different Facebook groups

Another effective, free Facebook promotion method is joining different groups. There are different types of groups on Facebook like education, medical, media, business, etc. You can join a group of your interest and can reach a large number of people present in that group. If you post your content or product in these groups and have a regular conversation with group members, your brand name will become recognized.

3- Create your Own group

Another popular method for free Facebook promotion is creating your own Facebook group. By creating your group you can add members to it, share your content in it, carry on discussions, etc. By doing this you can reach different people, give and take suggestions through discussions in the group.

4- List your Events

Another good practice to stay in touch with your visitor is to host some events like the webinar. Creating an event page for that event and inviting people in the group.  Here you can check how many attendees and get their feedback. This could be the most effective way to convert visitors into useful buyers.

5- Ask your friends to share your content

Asking friends and acquaintances to share content or blog can increase your reach up to large extent. This is a very popular and effective method of free Facebook promotion.

6- Stream live videos with Facebook Live feature

By interacting with your customers with live videos can engage them, and compel your customer to stay on your content for a long time. By showing them behind the scenes can build their trust on your brand.  Through this, you can share important messages with them. This could be the best free Facebook promotion technique.

7- Stay in touch with your Facebook friends

By staying in touch with your Facebook friends, could help you to do Facebook promotion in a better way. You can stay in touch with them by:

  1. By wishing them different occasions and festivals on the Facebook page, wall, or individually.

  2. By wishing their birthdays, this can give your visitor or customer feeling that they have a special relationship with your organization

  3. Helping them by quickly responding to their queries, queries related to the product such as its price or any other related query.

So Facebook promotion is standout among different social media optimization techniques, it has different visitors across the globe. By using this network you can get huge traffic and can easily convert your traffic to paying customers.

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