How to earn money online?Different Strategies Used

How to earn money online?Different Strategies Used

Earning money online can be a dream for most of us. Imagine no fixed time offices, and work whenever and from where ever you want to. You can work at the comfort of your home, or you can work sipping coffee at your favorite restaurant. There are no fixed timings of work, you can work at your comfort. All this could be possible through different online platforms. Where do not need to go office or any workplace. You will be paid as per your task or as per your services. And where you can make enough money to enjoy life, you can earn in millions or even in billions. Some of these online platforms are discussed below in this article

1- Earning money online by Creating Blog

One of the most common and popular ways of earning money online is to start a blog. Where you can share your hobbies, passions, views, ideas, or any other skill in the form of blog writing. You can start a blog on any topic you are passionate about.

How to earn money online through Blogging
The ultimate goal is to reach the maximum audience i.e. the Maximum number of people should be interested in reading your blog, More the number of real visitors on your blog, more the money you can earn. Here you can earn money by placing ads on your blog i.e. Google ads, Word ads, Bing ads, etc.

2- Affiliate Marketing

The second most popular and effective way of earning money online is an affiliate marketing. Where you sell products of some other company and get a commission for selling that product.

Earning money via Affiliate Marketing
In this i- You register for an affiliate program run by the company ii- That company provides you an affiliate link, iii- You share that link in your network, social media, on your blog, etc. iv- If someone buys any product by visiting that link then you will get a commission for that purchase.

Here you need to convince the people to purchase the product or sign up for service via that link. You can do it through the number of ways i.e. by posting attractive social media posts, by writing articles, blogs, etc.

3- Creating E-commerce website

How to earn online through Ecommerce store

This is also amongst best methods of earning money online, here you create your own E-commerce website, and can sell products on your website. Suppose you have an eCommerce website with a good amount of traffic on it, there You can sell the product on your website through dropshipping i.e. you do not need to keep stock of items, you just need to tie up directly with the manufacturer or another retailer. When someone orders that product online from your website you need to tell the manufacturer (or retailer from whom you are purchasing that product) to deliver that product to the customer. And the customer will get that product by the name of your company.

4- Earn money by Participating In Online Surveys

Earning through Online Surveys

Online surveys can also be a good option to earn extra cash in free time. Several companies need people’s opinions on certain items and services and pay good remuneration for it. Here they will ask some questions and you need to submit your opinion on it, after the completion of the survey, they pay you the reward for giving your time in completing that survey.

5- Earn money by Working as a Freelancer

Another option if you want to earn online without going to any work is work as a freelancer. You can work in any field as a freelancer depending on your skill i.e. if you have good writing skills you can earn a handsome amount by writing content, or you can work as a software developer, digital marketer, and even simple skills like data entry work.

how to earn online as Freelancer

There are numerous platforms where you can apply as a freelancer like,, etc.

6- Earn money by Publishing E-books

If you are a passionate author or publisher, you can earn money by writing books and selling them online.

earning online through E Book Publishing

There is a number of platforms where you can sell your book online , for example, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or you can also sell your book by creating your website.

So these are some common ways to earn money online, through which one can earn enough money to make a good livelihood. But the thing you need is to be passionate about the work you are doing little effort and creativity can help you to earn in dollars.