Top 6 Instagram Promotion ways to promote your business for free

August 27, 2020

Top 6 Instagram Promotion ways to promote your business for free

It is very important to have presence on social media , social media is powerful tool to build your brand, to gain genuine traffic and to convert visitors in to paying customers. You can promote your business on social media by creating content and posting those content on different social media platforms. Content could be in the form of any text , pictures , info graphics , videos etc.

Top 6 Instagram Promotion ways

Instagram promotion is one of the best social media promotion techniques, where you can reach large audiences.  It is the gold mine for business of all sizes and types. It has 800 million active monthly users.  You can do promotion both by using free instagram promotion techniques or running paid campaigns. Here we will discuss about free instatgram promotion techniques.

Top 6 free instagram promotion techniques:

1- Profile optimization

Initial and most important step in Instagram promotion is profile optimization, as we all know that “First impression is the last impression”. So first thing that goes in from of the viewer is your instagram profile, so you need your profile appealing and attractive to the visitor. Instagram allows you to write about 150 characters bio. Where you can define yourself , your brand and your purpose. Tell them why you and your business is important to them. Mention properly

1- Name
2- Username
3- Complete contact details
4- Clickable link of your website
5- Call to action button

By mentioning these details properly and completely helps users to find you easily and to build trust with your brand.

2- Use Business Account

By using business account gives you the access to special features like call to action button, contact information, Instagram ads, shopping and insights.  So by using business account can help you promote your business and track its growth report in a better way.

3- Clearly define your goal for successful instagram promotion

To become successful in any field, goals must be clearly defines and same in case of Instagram promotion. Define your goal , target your audiences and then do promotion in a way to attract maximum number of viewers. This way you will be successfully able to

1- Increase your brand awareness.
2- Connect to new users or visitors
3- Convert your traffic to sale of your product or service

So for a successful businessmen or a successful person in general you need to setup some goal, and make hard work to accomplish that goal.

4- Target Your Audience

To get relevant and useful visitors or to do a successful Instagram promotion it is very important to define your audience. So for this you need to do little research that which type of audiences is best suitable for your business. And create and share content that attract your targeted audience.

5- Try to create intriguing captions or headline

Captions are the first thing that appears in front of the viewer. If your captions are appealing and attractive to the visitor, it will compels the visitor to read more. So it is very important to create the headline in such a way, which makes viewers curious to know more about your content.

6- Post Consistently

To engage visitors on your page, it needs to be active. Because no visitor will visit your page or profile if it is inactive, or you post on it on a long time gap. So it is recommended to make post at your brand page 1-2 times a day. Also it is very important to fix some time slot or occasion for your post, as it is seen that some group of visitors are active during fixed times or occasions.

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