What is Keyword density and ideal keyword density for SEO?

July 12, 2020

What is Keyword density and ideal keyword density for SEO?

Before we learn ideal keyword density we must aware of the following terms.

  • What is SEO?
  • What is keyword research
  • What is Keyword(kw) density?
  • How to calculate keyword density?
  • kw density Vs. kw Stuffing
  • What should be the ideal kw density percentage for SEO?
  • Why kw density is Important in the SEO Process?
  • What are the tools used to analyze kw density?
Keyword Density

In this tutorial, we will learn about keyword density. Before moving forward, Please make sure that you have read the article on Search engine optimization (SEO) and kw Research. 

What is Keyword Density?

kw density is the number of times your focused key phrase or kw appears in the article or blog. For example, you have written a 500 words article and you are using your focused keyword 50 times in that article than its kw density is 10%.

Formula to calculate kw density

There are several formulas to calculate the kw density. But the basic and popular formula to calculate it is:

kw Density percentage= (number of keywords/total number of words) * 100

For example: In 500 words article, the keyword used 50 times

(50/500)*100 = 10 (So In this case kw density is 10%).

Keyword Density vs. Keyword Stuffing

Some people think that placing keywords maximum number of times in the content can increase the rank in SEO from that kw. But this concept is completely wrong; this practice of loading the page with keywords is known as keyword stuffing. It is the wrong way to manipulate website ranking on SERP. So kwstuffing is a spam technique in which the user load websites Meta tags, content or anchor texts with keywords. And this is not the correct way of the ranking website of SERP. Whereas if we talk about kw density, it is the number of times the keyword used on the web page.

What should be the ideal keyword density percentage for SEO?

1-2% is the recommended kw density, this means 1 or 2 times a kw per 100 words article. Google recommends writing natural content. And making keywords to appear naturally in the content can give you better results. You can use keywords at the following places in your article

  • Title of the article or blog
  • Meta Title
  • Meta description
  • H1 Tag
  • H2 Tag
  • H3 Tag
  • And other content of the article.

What are the tools used to analyze keyword density?

If you are using wordpress than there is a WordPress plugin named Yoast SEO. This plugin is very helpful in making the webpage and web content SEO friendly. It will help you to place your kw right number of times as recommended. Suppose you are overusing or using your kw fewer times than recommended, it will give the orange or red mark indicating it needs improvement. And if all the content is perfect in an SEO friendly manner, kw density is perfect then it will give the green mark indicating all things are ok. Also, there is several other tools available for analyzing Keyword density. 

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