What are Meta description tags? – Best practices in SEO 2020.

July 26, 2020

What are Meta description tags? – Best practices in SEO 2020.

A Meta description is an HTML element that gives a summary of a web page. An appealing description can improve the click-through rate (CTR). Apart from the Meta Title tag, the description is another important element that appears in the search results. And describe the information on the web page, longer than Title tag. Usually, the description appears in the following manner in search results.

Meta description 2020

What is the Optimal Length for Meta Description in 2020?

The recommended length for Meta description according to Google search engine is between 120-158 characters or up to 920 pixels. For Yahoo and Bing, it is up to 168 characters or 980 pixels and different for different search engines. Writing Meta description beyond the recommended length can be truncated by the search engines, and only displays it up to the length recommended by the search engine.

Sample Code for Description

Meta name=”description” Content=”Here comes the Meta description of the webpage, where it shows the summarize information of the webpage.”>

Some Important Tips for creating good description

  1. Include keywords where it fits naturally and makes sense.
  2. Important information or focused key phrases should be written first. Each description needs to quickly converse the subject matter of your web page. If your web page for some particular topic than you need to put focused terms at the beginning. So that the user can easily understand the purpose of that page.
  3. Match the search intent
  4. Create something that should be appealing to viewers, and not just for gaining the clicks
  5. Content should be written in a precise and summarize the way
  6. Do not write generic descriptions
  7. Every Web page must have a unique description
  8. Use the recommended character length for Meta description i.e. between 120 – 158 characters or 920 pixels.

What to Avoid when writing Meta descriptions?

  1. Do not copy-paste description from the content of your page: Try to write a unique Meta description that looks appealing to viewers.
  2. Avoid Keyword stuffing: Stuffing keyword can penalize your site. So put keywords in a proper, natural manner where it gets fit.
  3. Avoid Repeated Meta description: It puts a bad impression on your site as it confuses the search engine. It is also in the case of the Meta title; the title of each web page should be unique.

Ranking Factor as Per Google Search Engine

In September 2009 Google announced that neither Meta keywords nor Meta description factor into the ranking algorithm of Google for web search. So Meta description may not directly affect Google keyword ranking. However, it may help in improving the CTR (click-through rate) of the website by getting clicks. An Engaging and appealing Meta description attracts the viewers to click on the web page which results in improving CTR (click-through rate) of the website.

In Short:

HTML Meta description tag is a very important part of search engine optimization which tells the short and precise information of the web page. It may not directly affect the ranking but very much helpful in getting clicks on the web page, which is the ultimate goal of every online business.

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