Top 6 LinkedIn Promotion ideas to promote your business for free

October 12, 2020

Top 6 LinkedIn Promotion ideas to promote your business for free

There may be thousands of relevant visitors on the LinkedIn network, and you need to reach them. But the cost of getting traffic through paid campaigns or paid video ads may be out of your budget. Here we will discuss some free LinkedIn promotion ideas that will help you to grow your business.

1- Create a LinkedIn business page

Creating a business page is the basic task in a LinkedIn promotion. This could help business partners, potential customers, or random unknown users to know more about your business.

Write well optimized, compelling “About Us” section on your business page. The description should be around 2000 characters or less. Tell your visitors everything about your business they want to know in a simple language.  Your “About Us” section should contain the following points:

1- Where are you based?
2- Your values
3- You contact details, in case people want to connect with you
4- What do you offer?

Fill out other important details on the business page as well i.e. your website URL, Address, Industry, Company size, etc. 

2- Optimize your account for effective LinkedIn Promotion

Optimization of personal accounts could also be helpful in the LinkedIn promotion. If you make your profile attractive to users and tell them the type of business you are doing then obviously people will connect with you. Write your description, specialization is a proper manner. So that people will know what type of business you are doing and attract to your profile. Update your banner, logo, and profile picture properly. The recommended profile picture for LinkedIn is 300×300 pixels, Png format, and maximum size of 8 Mb and in a square layout.

3- Create LinkedIn Posts

Writing a compelling post can engage your viewers and could be the best Linkedin in promotion technique.  Write a post on the topic that your visitors want to read. For example, write some educating or problem-solving posts that could resolve the query of the viewer.  By creating a post from your profile (not from your business page) makes it good for different consultants, freelancers, and private brand based businesses

4- Join LinkedIn groups

By joining different active and relevant LinkedIn in-group could be another best working method for LinkedIn promotion. Through this, you will be able to get your brand name out there. And can raise your brand awareness among the group members. So join different groups and stay in touch with group members via conversation with them, because through regular conversation with group members you can build a strong relationship with them.

5- Create a career section

Creating a career section on your link can help you to strengthen your recruitment efforts. In your career section, you can tell people about your company, its work culture, etc.  You can customize it according to you by adding create text videos and images. It is seen that job seekers are more likely to apply for a job in an organization that promotes its work culture.

6- Take and give an endorsement

Taking and giving endorsements could be a powerful tool for LinkedIn promotion. There are billions of endorsement have been given on LinkedIn.  Also, try to gather recommendations from your network or from any other place you can.  Ask for a recommendation from your employees, associates, or customers, etc.  Positive reviews could strongly affect your organization’s reputation on social media.

These are some popular techniques for free LinkedIn promotion.  By following these methods won’t charge any money from you but also help you to increase your social presence, build a reputation, and may also generate a successful lead for your business.

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